On the Road for PanEco

External staff members support the PanEco team in Switzerland and Indonesia.

Dr. Ian Singleton Director of Conservation
Our specialist for orangutans and long term employee Ian Singleton is mainly responsible for the success of the SOCP. He is the director of the Orangutan Conservation Programme and manages new projects in species and nature conservation.

Mahmud Bangkaru Ecotourism Sumatra
In the nineties, Mahmud Bangkaru initiated a turtle conservation project and eco-tourism on Pulau Banyak. The projects died in the civil war of Aceh. Today, his experience is a great aid to the ecotoursim projects of YEL.

Patrice Bouchet Ecological Building
Patrice Bouchet provides YEL with technical assistance for the reconstruction and further development of the PPLH Bohorok and the EcoLodge.

Gabriella Fredriksson Conservation Batang Toru
Experienced in scientific work and nature conservation, Gabriella Fredriksson manages the construction of a research station and the development of a conservation management system in Batang Toru.

Serge Wich Director of Research
Serge Wich has almost two decades of experience in behavioural and ecological research on primates and their habitat. He is responsible fot research at three orangutan field sites, large scale orangutan surveys and general biodiversity research in Aceh's peat swamps.

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